Houdini Live
A mystical theatre experience

Harry Houdini returns to the stage to perform what could be the most thrilling magic event in the history of the world – his own reincarnation.

But is Harry's escape from the dead a miracle, the tantalizing proof of immortality?

Or is Harry’s web of magic, dreams and demons merely an illusion?

To answer these questions, Houdini is brought back to life on stage and in person with help from internationally known master illusion designers Paul Kieve and Paul Harris. 

Kieve created the magic for Broadway’s musical Ghost and the musical Matilda, as well as Martin Scorcese’s film Hugo and all of the Harry Potter films.

Illusion genius Paul Harris has been a mentor to a generation of famous magicians including David Blaine, David Copperfield and Chris Angel.

Currently in development for 2015, Houdini Live will charm, inspire and astonish with a magic spectacular conceived from beyond the grave.