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TrueFriend Productions develops high-profile, worldwide theatrical productions for New York’s Broadway and London’s West End with long-term emphasis on international touring and licensing.

Among projects currently in development are Anne Rice's The Grand Finale an epic time traveling story of love loss and redemption. And Houdini Live, a magic adventure with the master magician.

TrueFriend is developing several feature film, television and web projects including Blood's Child from an original screenplay, and Demonji Joe, a twisted love story.

Past projects include the comedy feature Nice Girls Don't Explode, the family feature film The Effects of Magic for Showtime, and Maybe I'm Doing It Wrong, a review of the musical artistry of Randy Newman.

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Please direct all postal mail to the Santa Monica office.

Santa Monica

1112 Montana Ave
Suite 531
Santa Monica, CA 90403

t  424.625.8298

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Thank you, but TrueFriend Productions does not accept unsolicited materials. Scripts and manuscripts may be submitted through accredited agencies. Unsolicited scripts and manuscripts will not be read.